When Opportunity Knocks

You know it when you see it. The opportunity of a lifetime presents itself and the first cliche enters “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.” If the first thought is one of negativity, it is likely to end in the same way it started.

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It is what it is

Opportunities are presented to give an idea or glimpse of what could be. Many people do find ideal ways to express their creativity at work, to hone gifts and talents, or take charge of an idea they’ve always wanted to try. These people started somewhere, and may have even listed to negativity and allowed it to hold them back. Opportunity belongs to those who take constructive criticism into consideration, take the good, throw out the bad, and move on with it, whether it materializes or not.


The knocking can come at any time, most often when not prepared. It’s like parenting, there’s not a way to truly prepare for the life-long adventure of parenting. And the same for a career path. Plans are awesome, but can be somewhat limiting. One way to avoid self-limitating behavior is to ask for other perspectives from those you trust, and perfect strangers who can speak objectively.


Evaluate, consider, and move to the next step if the opportunity occupies mind space. Ask more questions, and listen to the answers, re-tell and ask for help to see the opportunity outside your life-long filters, blind-spots, and your own evaluation.

Finally, listen to your wife/husband… just kidding.. well, at least take into consideration their input, because they probably know you better than you think…and deep down do want the best for the whole unit. And the best is not always the easy road, with more bells and whistles, but what makes your days awesome, and evenings even more incredible than their current state.

So, even now, your best days lay ahead of you. Go, take that vacation, listen to that recruiter, take your time, be wise, and never jump without a safe place to land (unless you’re starting your own thing – go for it and don’t look back).

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